Essay #2-The Argument/Comparison-Contrast/Informative Essay

Read the following The  Longman Review:

Richard Rodriguez’s “The Workers” on page 361

Stephen Kings “Why We Crave Horror Movies” on page 397.

Mary Sherry’s “In Praise of the “F” Word” on page 516.

David Brooks’ “The American Precariat

Frank Bruni’s “Panic in the Locker Room

Went over the 4 Types of Sentences.

Sample argument paper we’re going to work on.

Pre-reading Video:  Swift Justice

Read page 499-506 in One Hundred Great Essays.

Discussion for Thursday.   What is satire?  How is satire an effective way to argue?

Topic:  Football

In groups, pick one of the below from One Hundred Great Essays:

Barbara Ehrenreich on pg. 147

or Richard Rodriguez on page 426.

Discussion:   What are values?   Do you share the same values as your parents?  Why/Why not?

Bring a summary of the above articles and identify Thesis and Transition Words.

Lecture:  Some notes on Paragraphs found here:

What a is a paragraph?

Topic Sentence?


Some resources on paragraphs:

Look at this sample of a Comparison/Contrast Essay.

It’s Not About the Nail

Cause and effect Essay

Worked with Thesis Statements.

Continuing with the discussions:

Listen to the following story:  On Football:

For the blog on Thursday, do you agree or disagree with the story?   What is your perception of American football?  Why do you think it is so popular?

We talked about Plagiarism using “Sampling” to talk about the concept.

Here’s a couple of resources:   From The Longman Reader, pg. 607.

And here’s a good resource from Purdue.

Here’s a hiphop song:   Cantaloop

Here’s the original:  Canteloupe Island

Blog Post:

1) Define Plagiarism

2) When and why would you cite something?

3) Name at least one “style” of citation and why would you use that style.



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  1. Informative ! a very informative article. the writer has sweeped all the main facets. I am indeed impressed by the information spread throughout this blog.
    Bravo! Keep up the good work.

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