Essay #3-The Review


Going to watch

Blog:   Think back on the last movie you saw, the last book you read, the last song (or CD) you bought that you really, really, really loved.   Write down its name, title, artist and list 5 things why someone else in this class should watch, read, or listen to it.


All class read Pgs 614-617.

In your groups have 1 person read:  1) Leslie Marmon Silko on Pg 479;

2) Andre Dubus on Pg 143;

3) David Sedaris on Pg. 447.

In no more than a half a page, bring a summary of one of the above (each group should have at least one person read an essay so that all three essays have been read) to share with your group.


Background Music:  In a Silent Way-Miles Davis

Review of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor

Music Reviews:

Miles Davis:  In a Silent Way Review 1

Miles Davis:  In a Silent Way Review 2

John Prine Concert Review

Book Reviews:

A review of UNM Professor Justin St. Germain’s Son Of a Gun

and a review of Megan Hustad’s More than Conquerors

How to Write a Book Review

More resources on how to write a book review.


Just Ride

Man Up

Television Review

Be prepared to draft (as a class) an introductory paragraph and summary of Dead Man.

  1. Television Show Review
  2. Music Review
  3. Book Review
  4. Food/Restaurant Review
  5. Video Game Review
  6. Movie Review


Here’s a resource from Online Writing Lab at Purdue.

Revision Strategies:

You’ve written your rough draft, but don’t know what to do next.

1.   Read it out loud.

2.  Step away from it and then read it with, hopefully, fresh eyes (to try and catch sentences that may be missing words).

3.  Have someone else read it.

4.   Read it backwards, count the number of words in the sentence backwards to forwards, read it forwards.

5.  Check for Run-ons.   How long are the sentences?   Check long sentences first.

Talked about Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Movie Reviews:

Going to look at 3 different movie trailers and reviews:

50/50 Trailer

1. 50/50 Review

2. 50/50 Review


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