Essay #3 The Review-Assignment

Essay #3  Write a 750 word review.  You can review a movie (Dead Man would be a good one to review), a book (reading something for another class), a restaurant (try some place new and local), a CD, a concert, an art exhibit, or a television show.   Keep in mind that a basic review should have 3 parts:   an introduction that will draw the reader in, a summary of some sort, and final evaluative statement that argues whether it is good or not and why.  Some things are going to be harder to write 750 words on, so keep that in mind when you pick your topic.  While there are some basic conventions (any of Roger Ebert’s online reviews pretty much follow the conventions), I want to see some balance between the facts of the “text” (in this case text can mean book, movie, album, exhibit, restaurant, etc.) and how you interact with it.   Don’t just pick something because you think it will be easy; write about something you care about and ask questions of me, yourself, and your text.

There are many examples of reviews below as well as the prior blog post.  Here’s some examples that I’ve written:

Television Show Review

Album Review

Book Review

Movie Review

Concert Review

Other samples to consider:

Exhibit Review

Restaurant Review

A Review of the Oscars-sort of


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